Bankruptcy, Budgeting and Dieting – More Alike Than You Thought

At first glance, these 3 words would not seem to have much in common.  However, a closer look shows more of a connection than you might think.

“If I could just be at the weight I want, I would be careful and never gain weight again. I just want a fresh start.”

The truth is, money and weight are very similar in this way.  It’s much easier to stay on a budget and have money set aside for things like car repairs and emergency medical bills when you don’t have to build credit card payments into that budget.  It is the same thing with losing weight.  You see the picture of the thin person wearing cute yoga pants and you just want to start at that weight.  Not many commercials show overweight people wearing yoga pants.  But the nice thing is that bankruptcy can give you that fresh start and you can get into those yoga pants sooner rather than later.

“But I have to go out to dinner with our friends for a celebration. What do I do?”

Special occasions can hurt waistlines and wallets just the same.  The key is to plan ahead.  For a diet, it means eating something healthy before you go out to eat so that you will be somewhat full and if you eat some Fettuccini Alfredo with everyone, at least you won’t eat that much.

Plan ahead with your budget as well.  Before the occasion, watch for coupons and sales for a gift rather than buying at the last minute, which almost always costs more.  Or even think of something creative that involves some work and shows how much you know the person.  Either way, you’ll probably save a few good dollars.

“If you don’t build better eating habits, you’ll gain the weight back.”

This is true for dieting and bankruptcy.  If you go on a diet for a year but go back to your old eating habits as soon as you reach your goal weight, you guessed it, that’s a short lived fresh start.  The same is with bankruptcy.  If you get a discharge of all of your credit card debt but go right back to purchasing items on credit, the fresh start will be lost there as well.

Both dieting and budgeting take a bit of learning and discipline, but once you hit that goal weight and once you have control over your finances, you sure are a lot more motivated to stay there.

Photo Credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by Jeff Keen

Lisa Starrett

I am a bankruptcy paralegal in El Cajon, California, working with my husband Carl to bring the hope of a fresh start to debtors facing mounting bills. Through this blog, I’ll share ideas about dealing with financial stress, budgeting and hopefully provide a little humor along the way.

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