Financial and Physical Fitness: Day Four

Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets

This is part of an ongoing going series about eating better by avoiding fast food during September and setting aside money under a forced savings plan.  Click here to read the introduction and click here to read other stories in the series.  Lisa and I will be sharing our experiences and what we learn during this experiment.

Savings:  $4 transferred to savings, as planned.

Breakfast:  Eggs, bagel with cream cheese and bacon.  We tend to eat a lot of protein for breakfast and I think everything came from Costco.  There was a time when Lisa was really into using coupons to save money.  And for a while, she watched a show called Extreme Couponing and used a lot of the tips she saw on that show.  But most of the local supermarkets stopped doubling coupons, so we now do almost all of our grocery shopping at Costco.

Lunch:  Roast beef, cheese, cracker, an apple and 2 Oreo cookies.   Not a good choice again on the Oreos, but I’m okay with the rest of the meal.

Dinner:   Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets and ketchup.  I am such a child.

Tonight was going to be chicken tacos using meat that Lisa had prepared, but her mom was unexpectedly put in the hospital this week and she’s there been there to help out.  We had to adjust our plans for dinner and I’m not particularly handy in the kitchen, so having something in the freezer that you can quickly microwave helps to resist the urge to grab a burger on the way home.

Exercise:  I did 40 minutes of step aerobics in the garage.  I would normally be working out at a local park.  It was in the high 90s and humid, so our the trainer called off the class for today.  For those of you that live in the East County area of San Diego, I cannot say enough good things about Condor Fitness if you need to get a jump start on a fitness program.

Next goal:  Get on a scale.

Image credit:  TheDeliciousLife

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