Financial and Physical Fitness: The Wife’s Perspective, Day Two

Beef Top Ramen Contents

Our family is trying to go the entire month of September without fast food and setting aside a little money in savings each day.  Click here to follow our journey.

Lesson Learned:  “If you have it at home, you won’t look for it elsewhere.”  Face it, half of the reason we eat out is because the food out sounds so much better than what we have at home.  If you have a good selection of food at home that is appealing, the desire to go out decreases.

I learned that these are great items to always keep on hand:

  1. Hot dogs – Keep them frozen until needed
  2. Hot dog buns – Keep frozen and use only what you need.
  3. Chili and soups – Meal in a can.  Can also be used as a side or to turn a hotdog into a chilidog.
  4. Top Ramen – Does this stuff ever go bad?  Add hotdogs (see above!), any leftover vegetables you find in your frig, and you’ve got a meal.

Steak:  Buy it on sale.  Freeze and use for a nice weekend meal.  When you can BBQ a great steak and add a potato and salad for about $7 each, the $15 per person “bargain” steak dinner doesn’t sound so good.

Click here for Carl‘s perspective on Day Two.

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Lisa Starrett

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