Financial and Physical Fitness: Day Nine

Fruits and vegetables

This is part of an ongoing going series about eating better by avoiding fast food during September and setting aside money under a forced savings plan.  Click here to read the introduction and click here to read other stories in the series.  Lisa and I will be sharing our experiences and what we learn during this experiment.

Lisa’s bugging me to eat more vegetables while she’s gone.  That’s probably not going to happen, but I’m okay with the fruit we have around the house.  I’m probably going to pay for that last remark.

Savings:  $9 transferred to savings, as planned.

Breakfast:  A bowl of Trix and a pear.  Easy and cheap.

Lunch:  PB&J, leftover tomato soup and a pear.  I’m not a big fan of veggies and will avoid them when I can.  I’m sure Lisa will change that when she gets back to the office.

Dinner:  Ramen noodles with cut up hot dogs and fruit.  I’m not particularly creative in the kitchen when my wife is gone.  It was available and easy to fix.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Exercise:  Full body workout, focusing on arms and abs for about an hour.  I will probably get in some cardio tomorrow.

A client blew me off for a meeting and seems to have no sense of urgency about a pending foreclosure sale.  It seems to me that too many people have no sense of urgency about some important issues in their lives.  We’ve been trying to our health and finances with more urgency.  The journey continues tomorrow.

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