Financial and Physical Fitness: Day Sixteen

Chicken at Albertson's

This is part of an ongoing going series about eating better by avoiding fast food during September and setting aside money under a forced savings plan.  Click here to read the introduction and click here to read other stories in the series.  Lisa and I will be sharing our experiences and what we learn during this experiment.

Savings:  $16 transferred to savings, as planned.

Breakfast:  I made eggs and bacon for me and Michelle.

Lunch:  I paid $3.08 for a Costco hot dog, soda and fat free yogurt.  I need to start making my own lunches gain soon.

Dinner:  I’ve written before about the Albertson’s Chicken Meal Deal on Mondays.  You get a Rotisserie Chicken or 8 pieces of fried Chicken, 1 lb. Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad or Coleslaw, 1 lb. Potato Wedges and 4 King’s Hawaiian Dinner Rolls.  I picked that up on the way home from my workout

Exercise:  It was “test day” at Condor Fitness and I improved all of my benchmarks from the previous numbers.  Basically, we have timed workouts of various exercises.  Some are done to measure an improvement of time from the previous test.  Others are for a specific time period to see how many sets we can get done to compare to prior results.  I was definitely feeling used and abused later, but I was happy to see the improvement.

We are passed the halfway mark.  I’ve had maybe 2 meals that might be considered breaking the “no fast food” rules, but I’m pleased with the results so far.  Having family in the hospital has been a bit of a strain.  I left out a package of bacon and had to throw it out, but I haven’t burned the house down or caused any illnesses yet.  That could change, so check back tomorrow.

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