Business Retainer Services

One of our main goals is to be accessible to our clients.  Most businesses cannot afford to have a full time attorney on staff, so we offer our retainer program so our clients know that we will be there for them at reasonable rates.  For a yearly retainer of $1000 (billed annually or quarterly), our clients receive the following benefits:

  • Phone Consultations.  Unlimited phone consultations with our attorneys are available for the entire year to the client’s designated agent for matters that are not in active litigation.  This is one of the most valuable cost-saving services of the retainer program.  These consultations are designed to answer basic questions of law and identify those situations where additional legal work is required.
  • Annual Check-Up.  During the retainer year, the client may schedule a one-hour meeting at our office. Prior to that meeting (for corporations and LLCs), the Board minutes for the last year will be reviewed by a paralegal who will highlight potential areas of legal concern for attorney review and discussion at the meeting.  Besides having the opportunity to meet with the client, the attorney will be able to entertain questions directly from the client on any areas of law that concern the client.
  • Reduced Hourly Rates.  Retainer clients receive a reduced hourly rate on legal work not included in the retainer. We currently offer a 20% discount on both attorney and paralegal time.
  • Agent for Service of Process.  We will serve as the agency for service of process for your corporation or LLC. Having us serve as your agent for service of process allows us to receive legal documents on your behalf and notifies us of legal problems right away.  It also cuts down on the junk mail that you receive.
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First, the firm is a debt relief agency according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. We help people file for bankruptcy. We also do other stuff and we do it well, but Congress wants me to post this notice.

Second, nothing on this site is legal advice. You are not my client unless you enter into a written agreement signed by you and me.