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small-claimsConsumers often face situations where they have received improper service or defective products. Or a business owner might have customers that refuse to pay their bills. Most of the time, these are cases that do not justify the expense of an attorney. In small claims court, the maximum amount you can sue for is $10,000.00 for individuals and $5,000.00 if your business is a corporation, partnership or anything other than a sole proprietorship. ¬†Hiring a lawyer to collect an amount less than $10,000.00 often isn’t very cost effective even if that lawyer can practically guarantee a victory. ¬†Your lawyer will probably charge you at least $1,000.00 to file the lawsuit. Or the lawyer might keep a percentage of the amount collected, which will often be as much as 40% to 50% of the amount collected. A better strategy can be to get the proper coaching from an attorney that might be able to teach you how to collect on the claim without taking a large percentage of the amount or without charging thousands in legal fees.

An Attorney in Small Claims Court?

Most people think that you cannot use an attorney in California small claims court. While it is true that you cannot have an attorney represent you at the initial smalls trial, you can hire an attorney to represent you in all other aspects of the case such as consulting before the case, collecting the judgment and any appeal by the defendant. You may consult an attorney if you feel it would be cost-effective to do so, considering the size of the claim and the kinds of issues involved.

What Does it Cost?

We can offer services on a flat fee or hourly basis depending on the needs of the client. A small claims lawsuit is not always the answer, but it does give consumers a powerful tool to level the playing field if you receive poor service or improper treatment.

Please feel free to contact us if you need a legal consultation for your small claims matter.

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